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You are not alone. Begin or continue on the path to recovery from trauma with individual or couples coaching or in a group.

What is Champion Coaching International?

Champion Coaching International was founded by Colette Bowers. She is a wife and a mother of two beautiful children. Colette’s coaching concentration is trauma focused. She helps support people who need help finding solutions in their personal lives.  Whether you are a betrayed partner, blocked in your growth or a refugee. I can help support you to experience true healing and wholeness in all areas of your life.


Individual or Couples Coaching

Whether it’s general trauma coaching, betrayed partners trauma coaching, or migrants trauma coaching, you can have a session to cover your needs.


Sessions for six female betrayed parters or couples receiving trauma informed support in a confidential safe environment. Group coaching is an eight week program.


The therapeutic full disclosure trauma informed coaching support is a 12 week program. Support is for the entire disclosure process.

Support Group
For Wives

This is an online support group for woman focused on healing from betrayal trauma. This is a confidential on going group that is available to offer support for your healing.

You Are Not Alone

Certifications & Training

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Do you have questions? I have answers. Let me know what you have to say and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Donate to a Worthy Cause

Colette never lets money stand in the way when it comes to the women she coaches. Her heart is to help wives get the much needed support and healing they need at what is likely one of the most traumatic times of their lives. Help her continue to support these women by donating here.

Champion Coaching International
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